PulsioFlex Monitor

Haemodynamic Monitoring at the Highest Level

PulsioFlex Monitor

PulsioFlex Monitor

Product available only in Romanian market

Monitoring cardio-circulatory function is of major importance in all intensive care patients. Monitoring with standard parameters: ECG non-invasive blood pressure and pulse oxymetry provides insufficient information for deciding on the adequacy of treatments. Only advanced haemodynamic monitoring with invasive measurement of cardiac output and its determinants (preload, afterload, contractility) as well as the quantification of pulmonary oedema allows for early goal directed therapy.

PulsioFlex is a flexible platform with intelligent visualisation for advanced haemodynamic patient monitoring.
Through modular expandability and the availability of our efficient monitoring technologies, the system is able to be adapted to each patient’s individual need at any time:

  • Meeting your information requirements;
  • Matching your clinical setting (OR, ER, ICU);
  • Adapted to your patients risk level.


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