Making Life Saving Technologies available to the Remotest Patients in Europe by empowering the Healthcare Professionals with the most reliable Ecosystem of Innovation & Learning.


Our education-driven approach aims to create a bridge between the latest breakthroughs of the Med-Tech industry and the patients and healthcare professionals in the region. And to do that, we have established a culture in which compliance is the standard.


Our goal is to make the newest technologies available to the most remote patients in Southeast Europe. We provide solutions for patients with various medical conditions, including life-threatening conditions, aiming to create sustainable change for them.

SofMedica is member of an education-driven group of healthcare companies which operates since 1994 in Europe (Romania, Greece, Bulgaria & Cyprus).


The companies of the group provide thousands of patients with innovative medical technologies, aiming to ensure progress for the benefit of as many patients as possible by creating a bridge between the latest and most innovative medical technologies, patients and healthcare professionals.

The group employs more than 130 healthcare-related professionals and continues the investment in the regional medical system, that has been developing for 25 years.

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