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Temple Touch Pro (TTP™)

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Touch Pro™

An accurate & reliable noninvasive core temperature monitoring system. Temple Touch Pro (TTP™) offers a state of the art yet cost effective temperature monitoring solution, for multiple clinical environments and is suitable for all anesthesia types.

TTP™ continuously transmits real time, accurate core temperature data to the patient monitor.

TTP™ is based on several patents and breakthrough technologies developed over years of extensive R&D in the field of core body temperature establishment.

TTP™ enables continuous and accurate temperature monitoring throughout diverse clinical settings: the operating room, post anesthesia care units and intensive care units. Previous medical procedures which did not allow for continuous temperature monitoring, can now be measured using the TTP system.

TTP™ is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that meets a variety of clinical needs. TTP™ can be used while the patient is awake or under anesthesia as it suits all anesthesia types: general, local and regional.

Accuracy & Reliability 

Clinically proven with estimated correlation of 0.91 and 95% LOA of -0.532 0C ,0.602 0C as compared to gold standard invasive probes. TTP™ has been proven to track and reflect changes in body temperature even faster than reference invasive probes.


The non-invasive disposable TTP™ sensor minimizes the risk of infections and complications that might be generated from the use of invasive probes.


The TTP™ sensor is easy to use, handle and position, and thus greatly simplifies preparation procedures.



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