Haemodynamic Monitoring at the highest level



Product available only in Romanian market

Monitoring physiological parameters is essential for the goal directed management of critical care patients. Highly invasive monitoring methods have been established in clinical practice for many years, but are increasingly the centre of critical discussion. The PiCCO-Technology is the solution.

PiCCO-Technology is the easy, less invasive and cost-efficient tool for determining the main haemodynamic parameters of critically ill patients.

Clinical & Economic Benefits of PICCO:

  • Get the complete picture of the patient’s status;
  • Improve Patient outcome;
  • Long-term advanced monitoring (ACCURATE values);
  • Post-operative management of unstable intensive care patients;
  • Diagnosis of pulmonary oedema in critically ill patients;
  • Less complications due to less organ failure including renal insufficiency;
  • Shorter time on mechanical ventilation;
  • Shorter ICU-stay;
  • Goal Directed Therapy (GDT);
  • The PiCCO-Technology combines arterial pulse contour analysis using the innovative PiCCO algorithm with precise calibration via transpulmonary thermodilution;
  • Arterial access via femoral, brachial and axillary artery;
  • Application in children / paediatrics with special 3 french PiCCO catheter possible.


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