Single-use Broncoflex®

Single-use sterile video-bronchoscopy

Broncoflex 1

Single-use Broncoflex®

The successful miniaturisation of our systems allows us to offer just two endoscope references, where three are usually required with standard single-use flexible bronchoscopes. These two references are sufficient to cover all flexible bronchoscopy therapeutic indications.

The precise, flexible deflection mechanism enables up and down distal angulation of more than 200°. The high resistance of the system maintains good angulation, even when an instrument is inserted into the working channel.

The unique profile of the distal tip, with its wide opening, helps facilitate the suction of secretions and fluids. The wide working channel of the Broncoflex® Vortex further boosts its suction performance.

The whole system, from the camera to the visualisation platform, contributes to the display of a high-definition image with, in particular, an algorithm specially developed for detailed contours. Brightness management enables good near and distal vision.



Used in combination with endotracheal tubes, Broncoflex® Agile makes it easier to guide tubes through the anatomical structures and insert them thanks to the rigdity of its braided Pebax® insertion tube. The correct positioning of double-lumen endotracheal tubes can be verified with the size of 35 Fr or more.



Its shaped distal tip is narrower than other single-use bronchoscopes with 2.8 mm working channel. This miniaturisation aids exploration of the distal bronchi, benefiting from the smaller diameter of the inserted part with wide working channel. The Broncoflex®  Vortex can be inserted into endotracheal tubes of 6 mm or more.



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