Eugen Bîrlă

Finance Director at SOFMEDICA

Eugen Bîrlă

Eugen Bîrlă is the Financial Director at ONE SOFMEDICA, bringing over 20 years of experience in global finance management. With an impressive background leading finance departments for companies across America, Europe, and Japan, Eugen is a highly motivated executive with a proven track record of successful finance execution.

Throughout his career, Eugen has demonstrated his results-driven approach and comprehensive expertise in finance intelligence, project management, and general management. He excels in navigating highly volatile, complex, and uncertain environments, and has the ability to motivate teams to respond quickly and creatively to unexpected challenges.

Eugen is committed to achieving outstanding results and is known for his resourcefulness. He possesses a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams, maximizing company profitability and efficiency. With his wealth of experience and leadership skills, Eugen Birla is an invaluable asset to ONE SOFMEDICA, driving financial success and strategic growth.

One of Eugen’s key contributions has been implementing robust internal controls based on policies and procedures from the Group Level. By establishing a strong framework for financial governance, he has safeguarded the company’s assets and optimized operational efficiency, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigating financial risks.

Furthermore, in his previous roles, Eugen has been instrumental in defining the business plan for the company, aligning it with the finance requirements. Through meticulous analysis and strategic thinking, he developed short and long-term business plans showcasing the immense opportunities in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. By highlighting the potential return on investment and presenting a compelling case for growth, Eugen has played a crucial role in securing necessary funding for the company’s expansion efforts.

With his expertise and visionary approach, ONE SOFMEDICA is well-positioned to capitalize on the business opportunities in the CEE region, thanks to a robust business plan and sound financial management strategies. Eugen’s dedication and leadership are driving the company toward sustained success and profitability in this dynamic market.

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