Cristina Miroescu

Cristina Miroescu

Cristina Mironescu started her career as a pharmacist at Sofmedica. Her main duties comprise file registration, documents translation, and authorizations for medical appliances.
Cristina aims at creating quality management systems, compliance policies, as well as building cooperative teams that surpass expectations. She also fosters long-lasting relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.
Her previous role as a Quality & Regulatory Manager involved integration and implementation of legal and regulatory provisions in the company’s strategy, as well as managing product licenses and authorizations. Besides, quality implementation management and vigilance reporting were some of her main duties.
Her current role as a Compliance Director at SofMedica Group is to consolidate and maintain company’s reputation by ensuring consistent compliance with the applicable regulatory, standards & stakeholders’ requirements to contribute to the business sustainability.

Favourite book:

The Secret of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Reliably. Sustainably. Together.

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