Looking Glass™ 4K

Insufflation Management System by CONMED

Looking Glass 4K - CONMED

Looking Glass™ 4K

The system is built CONMED-tough.

4K 3-Chip CMOS camera technology combined with a 32” LED monitor provides brilliant 10-bit color display for detailed multi-specialty visualization. The integrated monitor and Camera Connector Interface (CCI) save valuable OR space and provide modularity for customized placement of equipment.

The monitor is designed with Gorilla Glass, which prevents accidental scratches without the need for an external screen protector that could distort the image. The durable Looking Glass™ 4K Camera Head leverages CONMED’s ShockFlex™ technology to help prevent damage from accidental drops. It is fully autoclavable, eliminating the need for more expensive sterilization methods like Sterrad and Steris.1 Reliability is backed up with a 7-year warranty against steam penetration.

The camera head has a 5-button remote-style design to place more control in the hands of the user. Quick adjustments, custom button programming, and a 2:1 electronic zoom can all be easily made from the sterile field. The camera head’s ergonomics and low-profile coupler allow it to be held in different configurations for different specialties.

The Looking Glass Cable Connector Interface (CCI) is designed for flexibility and convenience during both installation and clinical use. The CCI replaces traditional bulky camera boxes with a compact console where the Looking Glass camera head connects. Easily connect and disconnect camera heads and light cables. LED indicator lights show when the CCI is powered (green) and when components are plugged in and initializing (blue). An integrated USB port connects to the Touch Glass image capture system to simplify transferring images and video to external memory devices.

Looking Glass is truly technology that helps you see today with durability that helps you see tomorrow.



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