ExactVu™ Imaging

Fast. Urologist-controlled procedure. Targeted biopsies in real time. Single procedure (in 1 patient visit)

ExactVu Imaging

ExactVu™ Imaging

This product is available only in Romanian market

The ExactVu micro-ultrasound platform provides the most practical solution as a new tool for urologists to perform targeted biopsies within a standard urological workflow.

  • Fast;
  • Urologist-controlled procedure;
  • Targeted biopsies in real time;
  • Single procedure (in 1 patient visit).

A revolution in ultrasound, operating at 29 MHz
Micro-ultrasound resolution is comparable to MRI and 300% improvement over conventional ultrasound.

Unmatched real-time resolution
Visualize suspicious regions and target biopsies in real-time

PRI-MUS™ risk identification protocol for characterizing prostate tissue
Evidence-based protocol to help quickly identify benign or suspicious regions and target biopsies accordingly.



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