Surgical Care

GreenLight Laser System

Built on the GreenLight HPS™ system, the GreenLight XPS™ system increases the power and area of the laser beam by 50%, providing a wider tissue vaporization effect without sacrificing depth of vaporization or coagulation. Its 532 nm wavelength vaporizes prostate tissue without charring and limits penetration, leaving a thin rim of coagulated tissue that aids in hemostasis. It has been found to cost less than TURP while providing similar clinical outcomes. The system can be used for patients on anticoagulants, in urinary retention, or who have large glands >100 ml.


(Hand Assisted Laparoscopy)

Hand Assisted Laparoscopy (HALS) removes specimens or change instruments while maintaining tactility – with all the benefits of a minimally invasive procedure.

Electrosurgery System

Our portfolio includes advanced energy devices for Laparoscopic, Robotic & Open Surgery provided by worldwide-known producers Ethicon and ConMed.


AirSeal® is the world’s only intelligent and integrated access system for laparoscopic and robotic surgery, representing a revolutionary transformation of conventional insufflation, trocar, and filtered tubing systems used for the last 20 years.

Insufflation Needles

The ENDOPATH® Pneumoneedle Insufflation Needle and Ultra Veress Insufflation Needle are both insufflation needles. Each have a spring-loaded, blunt stylet safety mechanism. This is used to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to abdominal endoscopy.

Penile Prosthesis

The device is indicated for use in men with organic or treatment-resistant impotence or erectile dysfunction that is the result of various physical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pelvic trauma, Peyronie’s disease, or as the result of prostate cancer treatments.

Thoracic Trocars

These are used in thoracoscopic and other minimally invasive procedures to establish a port for access to internal organs where insufflation is not required. It is a sterile single-patient-use instrument.


AnchorPort® is the world’s only self-adjusting, self-anchoring 5 mm trocar and allows for wide range of instrument movement and manipulation in laparoscopic surgery. Beacause of its size, the AnchorPort® trocar is an ideal port for single incision laparoscopy.

Urinary Control Systems

Male stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is typically caused by a damaged urethral sphincter, the muscle that controls urine flow from the bladder. The Male Sling System is designed to stop leakage by providing support for this muscle. The artificial urinary sphincter is designed to treat male SUI following prostate surgery, an artificial urinary sphincter simulates normal sphincter function and puts you in control.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotropsy

Patients who once required major surgery to remove their stones could be treated with ESWL, and not even require an incision. As such, ESWL is the only non-invasive treatment for kidney stones, meaning no incision or internal telescopic device is required.

Laserlith i-dust

The most user-friendly 30W Holmium: YAG laser, the Laserlith i-dust is able to offer a complete range of minimally invasive solutions covering the full scope of Urinary Tract Stone Indications. The i-dust fibers are available in single-use and re-usable configurations to address various applications with a broad range of fiber sizes.