SOFMEDICA interview – ZF Top Most Important Players in Economy

SOFMEDICA GROUP has been present on the Europen medical market since 1994.

SOFMEDICA – Supply of innovative medical technologies.

EMERALD – Neurological and cardiovascular medical services.

MEDCITY – Medical infrastructure.

ISLE ACADEMY – Training Center.

MEDILEASING – Funding options for medical programs.

How was the first part of 2022 for the SOFMEDICA Group?

The first months came with very good results for all the group’s business lines.We achieved new programs using SOFMEDICA technologies and we expanded our team to be able to cover all the opportunities on the market.  We have also achieved ISO 13485 certification harmonized with MDR, being the first in Europe.  At EMERALD we have introduced new types of treatment that complete the range of services offered to patients. And ISLE ACADEMY has become a separate entity in the desire to make training programs accessible to as many health professionals as possible, with the need for training increasing as some of our products become standard of care.

What development plans do you have?

The SOFMEDICA Group continues its development both by increasing its portfolio of products and services and by expanding its geography. After the successful initiation of operations in Hungary in 2021, we are focusing on expanding into three countries in the former Yugoslavia. We keep our focus on the main conditions that threaten the lives of patients such as cancer, cardiovascular and neuro-degenerative diseases. Around them we build a complete portfolio – from innovative medical technology, to specialization programs for doctors, dedicated medical services or infrastructure at the highest standards.

How has the local medical market evolved over the past two years?

We see an openness to innovative solutions at both private operators and the public system. It is obvious that Romania aligns with European standards and in the medical field, and this is done with investments in state-of-the-art technology, training programs, access to medical services and, last but not least, in top medical infrastructure. The SOFMEDICA Group responds to all these needs, and through the ecosystem we have developed, we are building synergies between the medical systems in the region where we are present.

What are the novelties that you plan to bring to the Romanian market?

We are in close communication with leading medical and academic institutions in the U.S. and Western Europe. We want any innovation adopted there to reach Romania as well. We already have new treatment approaches such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, genetic testing, focused ultrasound systems, but we also offer customized financing solutions such as pay-per-use robotic surgery programs.

40 Million Euro in 2021 – group turnover in 2021