SOFMEDICA Completes Acquisition of MediVibe S.M.S.A., Expanding Cardiovascular Technology Portfolio

Athens, Greece, 19TH June 2024

SOFMEDICA Hellas, a key member of the SofMedica Group, proudly announces the successful acquisition of MediVibe S.A., a leading distributor of medical technology in Greece specializing in Interventional Cardiology indications. This strategic legal merger significantly enhances SOFMEDICA’s Cardiovascular Business Unit, bringing a host of innovative technologies designed to deliver superior clinical outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals.

Cardiovascular diseases have been part of SofMedica’s legacy since its inception; the first transcatheter valve implant in SEE had been performed with its support. The MediVibe acquisition underscores SofMedica’s availability and capacity to acquire and leverage existing businesses that serve its Mission.

Integrating MediVibe’s cutting-edge solutions into SofMedica’s portfolio underscores the company’s commitment to precision medicine. These technologies, like Shockwave’s Intravascular Lithotripsy IVL, ASAHI’s guidewires and catheters, and Abiomed’s Impella Heart pumps, will be instrumental in advancing clinical practices, providing interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, and vascular surgeons with the tools needed for improved patient care.

Healthcare professionals stand to gain significantly from this acquisition. They will have access to SofMedica’s comprehensive training and education programs, ensuring they can make the most of these advanced technologies. CathLabs, on the other hand, will benefit from SofMedica’s top-notch after-sales support, which includes reliable service and supply chain management. This acquisition paves the way for MediVibe’s products to seamlessly integrate into SofMedica’s Global Value Arrangements, offering enhanced value to healthcare providers.

Patients, the ultimate beneficiaries, will now have greater access to life-saving, innovative medical technologies. This will enable them to recover faster and safer. This acquisition is a significant stride in SofMedica’s mission to bridge the gap between cutting-edge medical technology and patient care.

Evangelos Kalamakis

As SofMedica approaches its 30-year anniversary, our activities span six countries in Central and Southeastern Europe, enabling access to innovative technologies fighting oncology, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases,” said Evangelos Kalamakis, Managing Director of SOFMEDICAOur robust ecosystem allows us to manage our activities across this geographical and cultural mosaic without compromising quality, compliance, and reliability. Our emphasis on long-term sustainability has afforded us the capital resources to execute value-adding transactions such as the acquisition of MediVibe. In the service of our mission, we are willing and capable of executing similar tuck-in acquisitions where we may apply the benefits of our ecosystem to additional technologies.

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SOFMEDICA is a member of SOFMEDICA GROUP, an education-driven group of healthcare companies which operates since 1994 in Europe: Romania, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus & Croatia. The companies of the Group provide thousands of patients with innovative medical technologies, aiming to ensure progress for the benefit of as many patients as possible by creating a bridge between the latest and most innovative medical technologies, patients, and healthcare professionals.


About MediVibe S.A.

MediVibe S.A. is a premier distributor of medical technologies in Greece, focusing on Interventional Cardiology. The company is known for its commitment to providing healthcare professionals with advanced tools and solutions for superior patient outcomes.