The Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System visiting Ovidius Clinical Hospital – OCH, Romania

The best performing equipment used in minimally invasive surgery, the Da Vinci surgical robot, visited Constanta, Romania, for the first time.

The system was at Ovidius Clinical Hospital for two days, on June 14 and 15, where doctors and patients could get acquainted with this cutting-edge technology.

Robotic Surgery is an advanced form of minimally invasive surgery in which surgeons are assisted by robotic equipment in some surgical procedures.

Minimally invasive means that instead of operating the patient through large incisions, miniaturized instruments are used that are inserted through small incisions of 1 – 2 cm.

In the case of robotic surgery, these miniaturized instruments are mounted on three separate robotic arms, allowing the surgeon to have a wide range of movement and precision. A 3D camera is mounted on a fourth arm that allows the image to be zoomed in high-definition and guides the surgeon during the procedure.

The robotic arms have a high degree of dexterity, allowing surgeons to operate in very narrow spaces in the body, otherwise accessible only through open surgery (with large incisions). The surgeon controls the instruments and the camera from a console in the operating room.

Recognized worldwide for the benefits in the treatment of urological and gynecological disorders, robotic surgery has a growing number of applications in abdominal, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.

Robotic surgery is rapidly gaining ground in Romanian medicine, with multiple benefits for the surgeons, but especially for the patients.

Robotic surgery can have more important benefits for people in need of surgery: minimal blood loss, lower risk of infections, less complications, faster return to daily activities.