Quantum Robotics visit at SOFMEDICA ISLE Athens

SOFMEDICA ISLE Athens has welcomed with great pleasure on May 23 the visit of the students from Quantum Robotics (https://qrobotics.eu/index), the beneficiaries of the special award SOFMEDICA offered for the BRD First Tech Challenge (https://natieprineducatie.ro/) robotics contests.

The students were fascinated by our innovative robotic surgery system, very enthusiastic about having the opportunity to try it out for themselves, and eager to learn as much as they could about this technology.

Their exploratory journey in Athens continued the next day, on May 24, with the visit at one of our partners, Hygeia Hospital, where they had the opportunity to attend a live surgery with the Da Vinci robotic surgery system.

We wish them good luck in all their future endeavors and maybe, in a few years, we will welcome them again as young professionals.