The 27th Congress organized by the Romanian Society of Pneumology, 2-6 November, Sinaia, Romania

We are delighted to have participated to the 27th Congress organized by the Romanian Society of Pneumology between 2nd and 6th of November. With this occasion, we had the tremendous opportunity to showcase two of our innovative technologies from PULMOCARE portfolio, MiniBox+, a brand-new clinician friendly technology, designed for pulmonary testing, and Broncoflex – single use bronchoscope, a precise, flexible deflection mechanism that enables a precise angulation through the anatomical structures, allowing a smooth insertion of instruments into the working channels.

The congress comprised a theoretical session where the guests had the chance to explore a variety of topics, from respiratory and metabolic diagnosis to practical aspects of pulmonary rehabilitation and deep learning use cases in radiology. Moreover, our distinguished speaker, Prof. Univ. Dr. Roxana Maria Nemes delivered a presentation on the technical advancements of #MiniBox+, outlining the pulmonary testing procedure. In contrast with other devices, MiniBox+ provides a relaxed and comfortable testing experience during pulmonary measurements, hence, the patient does not experience feelings of claustrophobia during the investigation.

Dr. Hervé Nakache, VP of Clinical Affairs & Product Management, PulmOne Advanced Medical Devices Ltd was present at the event, providing an ad hoc workshop during the congress, following the increased interest of the healthcare professionals. We are honored to have gathered an impressive number of participants who had the chance to experience lively our last-generation technologies. Thank you for your synergistic involvement!