Hungary, Colorectal Connect-Up 2023

On 22nd of March, we had the absolute pleasure to host the Colorectal CONNECT UP Robotics Forum – an INTUITIVE event that it was live-transmitted in Budapest, Hungary.

The event gathered an impressive number of international guests, from panel experts to clinical specialists, and healthcare entrepreneurs discussing the evolution of robotic surgery in Hungary, as well as the economical and clinical feasibility of the daVinci system. 

Furthermore, we are honored for the outstanding involvement of high caliber medical experts, such as Dr. Ladislav Šinkovič, PhD., MBAProf Dr Attila Szijartó from Semmelweis UniversityDr. Zsolt Dubóczki from National Institute of OncologyDr. Péter Halvax and Dr. Lili Sindler from the prestigious Pécs University.

Dr. Ladislav Šinkovič was our Guest Speaker and delivered an insightful presentation on implementation pathways of the daVinci colorectal program, addressing the clinical and economic benefits for both patients and the healthcare system.

As patients’ and surgeons’ experience are of crucial importance for us, the CONNECT UP Agenda encompassed a comprehensive presentation on training pathways, as well as patient safety. The conference concluded with panel discussions on Hungarian Robotic Experiences, highlighting the activity of the most prestigious research institutions such as Semmelweis University, National Institute of Oncology, and Pécs University.

Once again, we have proven that when we team up and align our goals, we make a step forward, contributing to an exceptional health infrastructure and ultimately, drive outstanding patient outcomes. Furthermore, a big shoutout to our team from Hungary for making this possible, gathering distinguished medical experts and members from all SOFMEDICA countries. Last but not the least, we are deeply grateful to our reliable distributors from Synektik for inviting colorectal robotic surgeons from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Together we grow, innovate, and create life-saving solutions!