The launch of the first da Vinci surgery program in Pécs, Hungary, 6th of October 2022

We believe that all patients, regardless of their social or financial status deserve access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, thus, we are proud to announce that our dedicated team in Hungary has reached a new milestone by launching the first da Vinci surgery program in Pécs, at the Janus Pannonius Clinical Block of the Pécs University Clinical Center.

We are honored to empower this way the healthcare professionals in the region and provide them with last generation solutions so that they can provide the best of care to their patients. As Prof. Jòzsef Bodis of the University of Pécs emphasized in his speech, “A dream has come true this month. About ten years ago, there was a long road to the point where robotic surgery could be implemented in Pécs. Right now, we are already performing the first surgeries and we have scheduled several other cases within the next few weeks.”

Congratulations to our Hungarian Team for their constant endeavors and enthusiasm which have significantly contributed to this brilliant achievement! Keep on growing and reaching new milestones!