Core Competency in GI Endoscopy FUJIFILM hands-on training

We’re excited to have participated in the Core Competency in GI Endoscopy FUJIFILM hands-on training, aimed at providing a thorough overview of knowledge-based competencies for endoscopy experts, as a firm foundation for their further training and research. This year’s edition focused on updating the essential scientific background of trainee endoscopists and supporting them in upgrading their core competencies for complex procedures.

Our team was thrilled to present #ELUXEO #ULTRA #FUJIFILM a cutting-edge endoscopy system designed for advanced screening and real-time lesion characterization. We’re grateful for everyone’s keen interest and especially for the outstanding involvement of Dr. Teodora Pop and Dr. Ofelia Mosteanu, who presented some of the critical technical advancements of this system.

Our mission empowers medical professionals through consistent and insightful practical sessions and live workshops. As we contribute to the healthcare infrastructure and healthcare professionals’ education, we create hope even for the remotest patients of our region. Thanks to everyone joining us on this journey!