SofMedica & Intuitive Quality & Compliance Workshop

Our first Quality and Compliance Workshop been recently been organized in Athens, Greece. We are very proud that during its two days, together with our partner, Intuitive, to have brought together quality specialists in the field of robotic surgery from companies which create and develop DaVinci Surgery programs all around the world.

Our Athens ISLE provided the proper setting for them to share their experiences, challenges and concerns for continuous improvement, having as main goal the creation of a global community of expertise.

And all of these sums up to our common effort in reaching the paramount important objective of increasing patient safety and dramatically improving patient care.

A big thank you to all the participants and congratulations to our team for an excellent organization of the first event for Quality & Compliance Specialists in the field of Da Vinci. Surgery. Looking forward to the next one!

SofMedica & Intuitive Quality & Compliance WorkshopSofMedica & Intuitive Quality & Compliance WorkshopSofMedica & Intuitive Quality & Compliance Workshop