Romania, Bucharest Leaders Summit

We had the honor to participate on May 17 at the Bucharest Leaders’ Summit at the Romanian Senate where Cristina Miroescu, Compliance Director SOFMEDICA Group, addressed the audience on the importance of innovative technologies for the Romanian Healthcare System, emphasizing the advantages of daVinci Xi, a state-of-art technology which saved countless lives across the New Europe region.

In Romania, we are proud to have 14 active da Vinci robotic surgery programs, out of which, just 3 in the Public Sector. Ms. Miroescu presented the existing practice in other countries in SEE where the states support robust reimbursement programs for cutting-edge robotic surgery treatments, bringing a considerable number of clinical and economic benefits for medical practitioners, health infrastructure, and ultimately, for patients, the final beneficiaries of these innovative technologies.

Our key mission is to make the last-generation medical technologies available even to the remotest patients, regardless of social status, accomplishing our mission through three essential aspects: innovation, education and compliance.

Thank you for supporting our initiative! Together we can make a groundbreaking contribution to advancing the Romanian medical infrastructure!

Bucharest Leaders’ Summit (RO) 2