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PillCam® SB

PillCam SB is the most widely used, patient-friendly tool for directly visualizing the small bowel to detect and monitor abnormalities. This procedure is the standard of care for small bowel evaluation, helping healthcare practitioners detect the presence of lesions and what may be the source of obscure GI bleeding, Crohn’s disease and iron deficiency anemia.

With PillCam SB, physicians can visualize the entire small bowel without putting their patients through a lengthy, uncomfortable procedure or having them undergo sedation.   By simply swallowing a vitamin-sized capsule, physicians may detect and monitor lesions, ulcers, tumors, and bleeding within the small bowel.

Compared to previous generations of PillCam® SB, PillCam® SB3 offers:

  • More detail – redesigned and optimized optics deliver exceptional images of the mucosa and greater diagnostic confidence
  • More coverage – adaptive frame rate technology allows the system to sense when the capsule is moving quickly and automatically increases the image capture rate from 2 to 6 frames per second
  • More efficiency – the system’s significantly improved video processing engine enables even smarter video compilation.

Each component of the PillCam SB 3 system – capsule, RAPID for PillCam software, PillCam recorder DR3, and PillCam sensor belt SB3 – has been fine-tuned to work in concert. Together, they vastly improve image quality, tissue coverage and interpretation efficiency.

PillCam® COLON


PillCam COLON is the only minimally invasive tool that gives your doctor a direct view of the inside of your colon.

As a form of capsule endoscopy, PillCam COLON uses a miniaturized camera, which is contained in an easy-to-swallow and disposable capsule. This video capsule allows your doctor to see your entire colon and assess its health—including identifying the occurrence of polyps.

Because it does not require sedation, air inserted in the colon, or radiation, PillCam COLON offers you a more convenient and less risky procedure than other invasive colon exams with highly accurate* results from a minimally invasive test.

RAPID® for PillCam Software v8.0

  • RAPID software v8 delivers an optimal PillCam study reviewing experience while maximizing workflow productivity
  • Proprietary algorithms in the new RAPID for PillCam software enable even smarter video compilation that is 40% more efficient than with PillCam SB 2.

PillCam® Recorder DR3

  • The PillCam recorder is a small portable recording device that communicates with the PillCam capsules as the capsule passes through the GI tract. The recorder is placed in the recorder pouch which is attached to the the sensor belt and worn around the patient’s waist. After the procedure the data is downloaded from the PillCam recorder for physician review.
  • The PillCam recorder DR3 is a central component of the PillCam SB 3 system. It actively communicates with the capsule throughout the procedure and has the ability to display real-time images.

PillCam® Sensor Belt SB3

  • The sensor belt is a comfortable belt worn around the patient’s waist over clothing. It employs easy-fasten straps for quick adjustment and removal.
  • The PillCam sensor belt SB3 is more comfortable and convenient for the patient than the traditional sensor array. The sensors incorporated within the belt eliminate the need for adhesive sensor sleeves and reduce patient preparation time and equipment maintenance.

RAPID® Real-time Viewer

  • RAPID Real-time viewer is a handheld device that enables real-time viewing during a PillCam procedure. The handheld device also contains the complete RAPID Reader software.

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