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Claire FRASSE Europe Export Manager

Q: What were the main reasons in choosing SofMedica as a partner and when did it all start?
A: We first started working with SofMedica in January 2017. There are several reasons why we chose to collaborate with SofMedica – their expertise in robotic technology, vast experience in urology, impactful market presence and outstanding professionalism, amongst others.

Q: How was the relationship with SofMedica during these years?
A: Overall, it has been an enriching experience working with SofMedica these past two years. There have been some challenging moments along the way, mostly to do with changes in SofMedica’s team. However, SofMedica team’s professionalism has helped to overcome these difficulties.

Q: What are the qualities you appreciate in us as a partner?
A: Thoroughness, attention to detail, punctuality of follow-ups and project management.

Q: How do you see the future in the field of healthcare in our country?
A: Romania is a promising market with immense potential and capacity for development. We hope to take an active part in this development in the coming years.

Q: What is your message for us at this celebration anniversary?
A: Carry on the good work, continue with your commendable values and work ethic and above all, be relentless in your efforts to be the best in the market! Wishing you all the very best!

David Kearns Senior Director Export & EMEA Marketing

Conmed and SofMedica became partners in 2016 through the acquisition of SurgiQuest, it became quickly clear that we were working with a professional, ambitious company that already had a prestigious position in the markets they serve, supporting surgical innovation and ground breaking technology.

Conmed expanded the partnership to cover all active SofMedica markets and with the full Conmed General Surgery portfolio. Since our expanded collaboration, SofMedica has worked on establishing the Conmed laparoscopic portfolio as the partner of choice for stable pneumoperitoneum and development of true day surgery laparoscopy through our Low Impact initiative.

Through true collaboration, I see a very strong future for SofMedica and Conmed in the development of Minimally Invasive Surgery and am excited that better patient outcomes and faster recovery from surgery will have a true lower impact on all aspects of health care across Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

Congratulation to the whole SofMedica team for achieving this significant milestone anniversary, there are many great achievements still be come.

Kieron O’Neil Senior Director
Global Sales & Marketing – Acute

“Nikkiso have been collaborating with SofMedica since the acquisition of the CRRT business in 2014. Although, I also previously supported the Sofmedica team during the early days of the Aquarius machine, when the business was owned by Edwards Lifescience.

CRRT is a complex life-saving therapy which, due to its potentially in-frequent use by a critical care nurse, requires a significant amount of continuous education and training for the customer. For any partner of Nikkiso CRRT, it is essential this ethos is integral to a shared business vision. Through the many years associated with Aquarius and this therapy area, SofMedica have consistently demonstrated a commitment with focus on the growth of our mutual business, and education of clinicians and nursing staff about CRRT. This culminating in the launch of citrate-based therapies over the last 12 months, the next phase for innovative CRRT in Romania.

The entire team of Nikkiso (CRRT), consider the SofMedica team to be a truly professional, reliable and responsive partner, and look forward to a future strong market performance in Romania and the launch of our next generation of CRRT products.

On behalf of Nikkiso CRRT, congratulations on reaching this milestone in your company history and sincere thanks for all you do to enhance patient care in your region.”

dr. Bogdan Busuioc Medic specialist gastroenterologie

Q: Dr. Bogdan Busuioc, thank you for accepting to be the first Visionary who takes part in the SofMedica campaign “Visionary in Romania”. What does it mean for you to be a visionary?
A: First of all, let me thank you for the invitation. As for your question, from my point of view, being a visionary means letting yourself be carried away by ideals, wanting to go beyond yourself, to improve what is around you, for a better future.

Q: Do you consider yourself a visionary? Why?
A: Starting from the above I want to believe that I meet these criteria; that through my daily activity I tend towards this ideal.

Q: Tell us a few things that define you and as a doctor.
A: I believe that my daily activity of improving the suffering of the patients defines me both as a doctor and as a human being.

Q: What are the most important gastrointestinal disorders?
A: I do not think that there is a pathology more important than another, for each patient his suffering takes priority, but the specificity of our section is addressed especially to the neoplasia pathology, either diagnostic or therapeutic.

Q: How important is prevention in your specialty?
A: Preventing is the basis of modern medicine. At least 50% of the cases that reach our section represent screening evaluations for neoplastic pathology.

Q: How will technology help in the detection of these conditions in time and how important is the performance of the equipment?
A: With the development of technology it was possible to detect some lesions in the early stages which led to the decrease of mortality and morbidity. The more evolved is the equipment, the less injuries we can detect leading to minimal invasion interventions for curative purposes.

Q: You are one of the users of the Fujifilm endoscopy system marketed by . Do you think that its performance meets your needs and the needs of your patients of correct diagnosis in conditions of increased comfort?
A: By using the Fujifilm endoscopy systems, we were able to significantly increase the rate of detection of adenomas (premalignant lesions) during colonoscopy procedures. At the same time, the use of duodenoscopy and echo endoscopy systems has made it possible for patients with advanced stages of pancreatic and biliary neoplasms to benefit from modern treatment with significant decrease in morbidity and increased survival.

Q: How do you appreciate the connection with SofMedica specialists?
A: I have a close connection with my colleagues from SofMedica, they have always offered me the necessary support for development.