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Customize your flow experience


The FlowXL is the newest addition to the innovative lineage of Transonic’s gold-standard transit-time flowmeters. The FlowXL is a standalone, touchscreen flowmeter used during surgery with Transonic’s Flowprobes to measure, display, and document absolute volume flow in vessels and other derived parameters. Now even easier to use in anew versatile, configurable system designed to suit all user needs.


Transonic’s gold standard transit-time flow measurement (TTFM) is now even easier to use in FlowXL, a new, versatile, configurable system designed to suit your needs. The FlowXL provides the accurate volume flow measurements you need to improve your patients’ outcomes whether you’re confirming CABG flows, checking a newly anastomosed liver allograft or performing the finest cerebrovascular surgeries.



QuickFlow is very easy to use. Simply turn on the touchscreen display, plug in your application-specific probe and measure flow. QuickFlow is the system of choice for users who do not want to save or manage surgery data in a secondary system.


  • Screen size: 12”/30.73 cm
  • 2 channels of flow
  • Easy flow snapshot for USB export or printing
  • No patient data entry


Table Stand Supports FlowXL on any shelf or cart

Small Pole Mount For attaching FlowXL to perfusion carts or anesthesia

Large Pole Mount        Features an 8″ extension for adjustability, can be attached to existing carts

Mobile Cart with Secondary Surgeon Display

The FlowXL can be mounted on an ergonomic cart that gives you mobility, security and allows for adjustable viewing angles for the operator and an unobstructed view for the surgeon. It features:

  • 180 degrees rotation to provide the surgeon an unobstructed view
  • A compact 20”/50.8 cm base that allows for easy mobility between ORs
  • Secure locking casters
  • Large wheels and a sturdy base that keep the cart and screens stable during transport

Printing Option

HP Printer

For immediate printing of flow data; can be used with the pole-mounted or table stand FlowXL configuration

Integrated Cart with Printer Shelf

Provides a secure location for the printer and an extra 14” x 11” drawer for storage.



Why rely on guesswork and intuition, and wait for postoperative conditions to determine surgical success? Measure flow intraoperatively and generate flow waveforms for the operative record. Elevate your professional reputation with referring physicians and protect your practice.

AureFlo® takes Transonic’s gold standard transit-time ultrasound volume flow measurement to the next level with a fully integrated measurement system. Visualize live flow waveforms on the touch screen display to verify adequate blood flow before closing your patient. Record and save flow data for later analysis, teaching, or documentation.


  • Quick patient, procedure and vessel data entry
  • Measure, capture, store and retrieve flow information
  • Touch-screen PC with very legible, high contrast display
  • Stable cart that securely holds meter, monitor & printer
  • Record the entire procedure or take 8 second snapshots of flow data
  • Print selected waveforms for reference, analyzing, teaching or documenting into the patient record

Optima Flow-QC Meters


Optima Meters are the next generation of surgical flow meters. These universal Meters are compatible with all of Transonic’s extensive surgical flow probe and flow sensor lines. Share a single Optima Meter between departments or surgical suites without compatibility concerns. The Optima’s unprecedented resolution accompanies lower offset error, and doubles the accuracy for low flows.

  • Provides unsurpassed accuracy and resolution
  • Ensures vessel patency & flow integrity
  • Immediate, quantitative flow measurements

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