Single-use hand-held ventilation device



Ventrain is a single-use hand-held ventilation device based on a fundamentally new ventilation principle: Expiratory Ventilation Assistance (EVA®). Dedicated to help you manage difficult airway situations Ventrain is easy in use as inspiration and expiration are initiated by using just a thumb.

Ventrain supplies O2, during inspiration and actively removes the expiratory gases.

The latter significantly reduces the risk of barotrauma and circulatory collapse and results in proper CO2, clearance from the lungs.


  • Cannot Intubate Cannot Oxygenate (CICO);
  • Bridging for intubation or extubation;
  • Laryngeal procedures;
  • Emergency situation in pediatrics.

Cricath® and Tritube®

Ventrain in combination with the transtracheal catheter Cricath® or endotracheal cuffed tube Tritube® re-establishes adequate oxygenation levels quickly as an I:E of 1:1 and a minute volume of respectively 7-7.5 L/Min can be obtained. Depending on the situation both can be used in difficult airway situations.

Ventilation principle

To use Ventrain you only need O2, or a mix of 0,/ Air from a high pressure gas source, with a pressure compensated flow meter. The technology enables active inspiration by gasflow AND active expiration by suction (Venturi principle.

Active inspiration AND expiration

The mechanism of EVA is shown by the cross section of Ventrain above:

  • Inlet hose connection to hospital O2, gas flow;
  • Narrow diameter to increase gas velocity;
  • Outlet gas flow;
  • Connection to patient;
  • Equilibration.


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