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Solution for Surgery

Synapse 3D Fujifilm

Synapse 3D

Fast, reliable and accurate due to proprietary Image Intelligence Fujifilm technology, Synapse 3D is the software platform that fully meets the new requirements for advanced processing and displaying of clinical and diagnostic imaging and for surgical planning.

Synapse 3D is Fujifilm’s software for advanced processing and analysis of the medical imaging: it is a state of the art system which provides powerful and complete tools not only for Radiological and Cardiological Departments, but also supports the Clinical and Surgical workflow.

Comprehensive suite for advanced visualization and image analysis

Fujifilm technology allows powerful processing tools that ensures high-quality clinical and diagnostic results. Synapse 3D platform offers more than 50 scalable application modules.

Improved workflow for clinical and surgical decision support

Enables interdisciplinary collaboration through intuitive, specialized workflows for efficient, accurate results and improved patient outcomes.

Unified user interface with shared tools

Brings at the fingertips of doctors, all needed tools to analysis, diagnose and report, in one single interface.

Native 3D applications and tools

Synapse 3D is native in Synapse Pacs Viewer to allow zero-click workflow and automatic processing of studies.

Solution for Surgery

Helps making surgery easier by offering a unique solution for preoperative simulation for safer and more conservative surgery.

Enterprise wide Operability

Synapse 3D web based, enterprise software provides full feature, thin client application to reduce bandwidth consumption and pre-caching automated pre-rendering.



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