Sigilant Chirurgical Aquabrid®

Developed for wet conditions


Sigilant Chirurgical Aquabrid®

AQUABRID® is a fully synthetic surgical sealant for aortic surgical procedures. In contact with water AQUABRID® forms an elastic layer within 3 to 5 minutes – making it optimal for use on wet conditions. AQUABRID® stretches and shrinks with contraction of the vessel, while maintaining a strong seal in the aorta. AQUABRID® has been commercially available in Japan since 2014 under the name of HYDROFIT®.


  • Reacts with water – optimal use for wet surfaces, regardless of heparinization conditions​.
  • Ready to use – No manual mixing or preparation required.
  • Elastic – Stretches and shrinks with the vessel contractions.
  • Strong – Maintains bond/seal in the high pressure environment of the aorta.
  • 100% synthetic- No biological origin or risk of infection.


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