Evone® Mechanical Ventilator

Further, Evone has a Jet mode providing Jet Ventilation.


Evone® Mechanical Ventilator

Evone has the patented ventilation mode FCV®. FCV® is unique in creating a stable gas flow into and out of the patient’s lungs to generate an inspiration and expiration, respectively.

FCV® is a dynamic ventilation mode, without pauses, aiming for linear changes in both volume and pressure. FCV® prevents abrupt intrathoracic pressure drops by means of the controlled expiration.

Further, Evone® has a Jet mode providing Jet Ventilation.


  • ENT /Laryngeal/Tracheal surgery;
  • Cardio-thoracic surgery;
  • One-Lung ventilation;
  • Laparascopic surgery/Trendelenburg position;
  • Procedures involving obese patients;
  • (expected) Difficult airway.


Tritube® and conventional tubes

Evone’s FCV® ventilation mode can be used with Ventinova’s Tritube, an ultrathin endotracheal tube (outer diameter 4.4 mm) with an inflatable cuff to secure the airway. Also any adult endotracheal tube (>5 mm ID).




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