Aorfix™ EVAR

Unique Design. Proven Indication

Aorfix™ Evar

Aorfix™ EVAR

Ring body and helical limb structure incorporating halO Stent Technology™, is designed to maintain patency in tortuous anatomies.

The circular design of the Aorfix™ Endovascular Stent Graft delivers unmatched flexibility while maintaining its luminal size — even in extreme angulations.

halO Stent Technology™ allows Aorfix™ to have the flexibility to better match the anatomy in high neck angulations compared to traditional stent designs.

  • Self-expanding electropolished nitinol wires mould to uneven vessel walls for improved apposition and seal
  • Rigorous testing performed that simulates in situ movement in angulated anatomy1
    • Aorfix™ is tested to 400 million pulses at 90° angulation
    • 5-7% pulsatility per 100mmHg – equivalent to 10 years

Proven Indication

The Aorfix™ Endovascular Stent Graft is designed to extend the proven performance of current EVAR devices to include the successful treatment of complex anatomies with neck angulations of 0° to 90° as well as tortuous iliac arteries.

A direct comparison of the PYTHAGORAS IDE data with various competitor IDE data shows the strength of the Aorfix™ clinical outcomes, results are unimpeded by the inclusion of patients with more challenging neck angulations significantly greater than 60.

Comparison of Aorfix™ Results Versus Competitors

Proper graft fit and seal ensure procedural success and longevity in the treatment of neck angulations or tortuous iliacs. The results of the PYTHAGORAS trial4 demonstrate Aorfix™ ability to achieve aims across a wider range of anatomies than competitive devices, due to Aorfix’s unique flexible, conformable and durable design.



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