Altura™ Evar

Experience Revolutionary Design

Altura™ Evar

Altura™ EVAR

Unique Bilateral D-Stent Design

  • Eliminates contralateral limb cannulation, simplifying procedures;
  • Braided nitinol stent provides exceptional flexibility and vessel conformity;
  • Ultra-low porosity woven polyester graft with endoskeleton enhances sealing properties;
  • Radiopaque markers for precise positioning and easy septum alignment;
  • Two sets of suprarenal anchors on each aortic stent prevent migration.

Ultra Low-Profile 14F Delivery System

  • Designed to improve access and minimise vessel trauma;
  • No redocking necessary for atraumatic removal;
  • Streamlined endograft delivery ensures controlled and accurate placement;
  • Built-in contrast injection ports simplify the procedure.

Repositionable for Accurate Placement

Bi-lateral endografts may be repositioned for precise placement.
Intuitive five-step aortic endograft delivery system provides controlled deployment.
Unique one-step retrograde iliac limb deployment, for placement accuracy at the internal iliac artery.


  • Targets each vessel and provides four points of accuracy;
  • Ability to independently position and offset aortic endografts maximises seal in infrarenal neck.


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