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HAART 300 Aortic Annuloplasty Device


HAART Aortic Repair Technologies have been developed to simplify and standardize valve repair for aortic valve insufficiency. Originating out of extensive studies of the complex anatomy of the aortic valve and root, the HAART Aortic Repair Technologies include annuloplasty devices, instrumentation, and repeatable implantation procedures.



The HAART technology resizes, reshapes, stabilizes, and simplifies aortic valve repair. The HAART aortic repair rings are designed to be implanted directly into the aortic annulus to:

  • Remodel the aortic annulus
  • Reduce the circumferance of the dilated annulus to restore the annulus to its physiologic diameter
  • Provide support for the aortic wall
  • Ensure appropriate valve leaflet coaptation
  • Enable a more simple valve repair, even for root replacement/valve sparing operations

HAART 300 Aortic Annuloplasty Device

The HAART 300 Aortic Annuloplasty Device replicates the normal annular anatomy, having an elliptical base with a 2:3 minor-to-major axis ratio and three outwardly flaring posts spaced equally around the base circumference. The device is designed to reduce annular dilatation, restore three-dimensional annular geometry, and serve as a framework to guide leaflet repair procedures.

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