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Endoscopy Authorized Service

The only endoscopy equipment service in Romania that uses original FUJIFILM parts.

Our team has over 5 years of experience in the field, an experience that is used to support SofMedica clients by offering complete services. We use only FUJIFILM approved equipment which ensures the quality of our services.


Sole distributor of FUJIFILM equipment and parts.


Replacement endoscope during the repair of the equipment, based on a subscription type contract.


6 months warranty for any replaced part.

Our experienced team provides complete support for the service and maintenance of the FUJIFILM 500 series endoscopes, covering a wide range of interventions.


Safety and efficiency.

Due to the high degree of care and professionalism, in our laboratory we offer washing and disinfection of endoscopes in the safest technical conditions.

We also help you benefit from very short execution times for repairs and maintenance, low costs and also replacement equipment.


Write us a message or contact directly one of our engineers.

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