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The Focal One® HIFU device is the first medical apparatus designed specifically for the Focal treatment of Prostate Cancer. It has been developed with the last evolutions of HIFU technology and imaging fusion software to answer all the specificities of PCa Focal treatment.

HIFU Technology is a non-invasive alternative to prostate cancer patients with optimal efficacy and minimal side effects.

  • Unitary lesion of 19 to 26 mm height per 1.7 mm width,
  • Automatic dispatching of the HIFU lesions,
  • Precise destruction of the tissue, Precise robotic movements,
  • Real-time tracking and adjustment of energy delivered.

Focal strategy for Prostate Cancer (PCa) is taking a growing role in today’s surgical practice. By combining all the latest technologies in imaging and treatment, Focal One brings the answer to all requirements for ideal focal therapy: accurate and MR-fused imaging, non-invasive surgical approach, precise and efficient therapeutic energy and end-of-treatment validation imaging.


Focal One – Robot-Assisted Prostate Tumorectomy – treats prostate cancer by creating a precise and irreversible coagulation necrosis of the targeted tissue while preserving the surrounding tissue.

Optimal technology combination for ideal focal efficacy

  • MRI Import and Fusion with real-time ultrasound imaging
  • Precise contour definition of target areas
  • Non-invasive ultimate HIFU technology
  • Precise robotic movements
  • Unique Dynamic Focusing technology
  • Real-time tracking and adjustment of energy delivered
  • Confirmation and possible completion of untreated area
  • Quality of Life preservation
  • All treatments remain salvage options

The advantages of the focal treatment

  • Precise treatment of the diagnosed tumor
  • Preservation of patient’s quality of life
  • Possibility to perform any other treatment if needed

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