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Experience the latest breakthrough in CV Needle penetration

EVERPOINT® Cardiovascular Needles

CABG patients are older with comorbidities that may cause challenges during surgery, such as calcified and friable vessels.176,177,199

To avoid complications during challenging CABG procedures, surgeons need needles that are:

  • Stronger and more bend resistant for more precise needle placement, as encountering calcium can bend, break, or dull standard steel needles
  • Sharp enough to penetrate calcified tissue, even after multiple passes, as needle dulling can require increased penetration force, causing tenting and tissue trauma that may slow healing anastomoses
  • Smaller and thinner to minimize tissue trauma and bleeding in small, friable vessels

EVERPOINT Needles are a significant advance from stainless steel needles, providing a sharper, stronger, more bend-resistant needle to meet the demands of today’s cardiovascular interventions.

Description & Specs

EVERPOINT Cardiovascular Needles connect the latest breakthrough in cardiovascular needle technology with the same PROLENE® Polypropylene Sutures that have been trusted for over 40 years to create a combination surgeons can count on, even when complications arise.

EVERPOINT® Cardiovascular Needles

Increased strength and bend resistance

Without compromising ductility, an ultra high-strength tungsten-rhenium alloy makes EVERPOINT Needles up to 38% stronger and 121% more bend resistant than conventional stainless steel suture needles.

Maximum penetration consistency

A unique multilayer silicon coating helps providing outstanding penetration, and helps maintain tip durability over multiple passes – even through unexpected calcium deposits.

The combination of tungsten-rhenium’s bend resistance and the durable lubricity of the proprietary coating put EVERPOINT Needles in a class by themselves – an ideal choice for today’s demanding CABG surgeries.

Science & Technology

The demands of today’s CABG surgery call for sharper, stronger, more bend-resistant needles – needles that stay sharp through every pass, even through unexpected calcium deposits.

Current stainless steel alloys cannot be strengthened without sacrificing the ductility of the needle. To move past the limits of stainless steel technology, Ethicon developed a new, ultra-high-strength tungsten-rhenium alloy (W-Re) that provides EVERPOINT Needles with unmatched sharpness, strength and bend resistance without the loss of ductility.

EVERPOINT Needles set a new standard for penetration, performance, and strength to help surgeons achieve the best possible outcomes.

Maximum penetration consistency to reduce tissue trauma

EVERPOINT Needles showed little increase in penetration force, requiring up to 70% less penetration force over 30 passes compared with currently marketed stainless steel needles.

Strength and bend resistance for improved placement

EVERPOINT Needles were shown to be up to 38% stronger and 121% more bend resistant than currently marketed stainless steel needles.


EVERPOINT Needles are non-magnetic, allowing for easier handling and arming of the needleholder in different positions.

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