Key Insights from the SOFMEDICA Kick-Off Retreat 2024

Just last week, over a hundred SOFMEDICA Team-Members gathered in Matrahaza, Hungary, for our annual kick-off retreat. This meeting went far beyond an ordinary corporate gathering; it pulsed with energy and inspired exploration of the ethos underpinning SOFMEDICA’s existence.

We didn’t just recount our 30 years history or recent track record; we delved into the Mythos of our foundation, tracing the unbroken thread that links our past actions and people to the present and beyond.

  1. A 30-year legacy: From Pivoting to Pivotal

Several Pivoting points have punctuated the 30-year arc of the SOFMEDICA Group: from Romania and Greece to the other four EU countries we operate in; from supplying cardiac and renal equipment to running the largest independent dialysis network in Europe and then to building a diversified technology-enabled ecosystem around Oncology, Cardiology & Neurology; from providing innovative products to harnessing the power of precision in Genetics & Diagnostics, and then to providing real estate infrastructure to medical operators.

This reflective Odyssey was not just about reminiscing but a profound affirmation of our commitment to our Pivotal Mission: ensuring that patients in Central and Southeastern Europe have access to life-saving innovation throughout their journey of care.

Born in the Balkans and made in the EU, SOFMEDICA has synthesized the mosaic of local practices with this great European institution’s regulatory and legal tenets – and the management of this tension has built a rare muscle for resilience.

Georgios Sofianos

“We have come a long way over the last 30 years. We are among the 10% of companies that statistically survive that long – all this due to the Passion of our team, solid Synergies with stakeholders and our openness to perpetual Change. We have plans for the next 30 years, and webelieve we will be among the 1% of companies that will not only survive but strive that long.”  – Georgios Sofianos, CEO, SOFMEDICA Group

  1. Believe in Your Mission

Four core beliefs underpin our Mythos:

Access to Life-Saving Technology: We steadfastly believe that every patient in our region deserves access to innovative, life-saving technologies that ensure their safety and enable a swift return to what matters most in life.

Overcoming Cost Barriers: We believe these technologies’ high initial costs are not impediments. We craft our strategy to tackle these financial challenges, making life-saving technologies more accessible.

Best Outcomes, Sustainably: We believe we can offer the best clinical outcomes and patient experience for the price, sustainably. This belief is a testament to our dedication to balancing quality with affordability in healthcare.

Integrity in Success: We firmly believe that success doesn’t mean straying from doing the right thing; it’s about aligning our actions with our ethical compass and resolving the inherent tensions.

We are committed to fighting life-threatening diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, and neurological disorders, democratizing healthcare to reach even the most remote patients with top-tier services, and creating long-term value. These principles guide us as we forge ahead, shaping the future of healthcare in our regions.

Evangelos P. Kalamakis

“As we reflected on these beliefs, it became clear that they are not mere words but the foundation of our strategic focus. They cause a small knot in our stomach and get us out of bed each morning.” – Evangelos P. Kalamakis, Managing Director, SOFMEDICA.

  1. The Power of the Ecosystem

We don’t build machines. The technology that enables us does not define the job that we do. Our Ecosystem expresses our beliefs and ties us to our clients. It underwrites our unique value proposition.

Our Ecosystem enables us to harness the Power of Precision and augment it with outstanding educational opportunities and measurable results to deliver in the long run. The Ecosystem evidences our value-based healthcare approach to win over healthcare professionals, hospitals, and payers.

The Power of the Ecosystem

  1. Value-Based Healthcare

We don’t sell gadgets; we sell programs that aim to provide the best patient outcomes. We don’t obsess over the “wedding;” we work for a successful “marriage” and the outcomes for our patients.

And we sweat every detail. We “outcare” the market because value partnerships and quality require genuine commitment. Our partners can buy into our beliefs only when we deliver. We solve the equation for the patient, not simply with the innovative technology we provide, but with the lives we touch and the healthcare standards we elevate.

Harris Palaondas

“Every patient’s life is paramount to us, and we are determined to make innovative technologies accessible even to the remotest patients in our region.” – Harris Palaondas, Business Director, SOFMEDICA.

  1. Appreciation Counts

Our accomplishments in 2023 tell a story of dedication, collaboration, and resilience—a story written by each of our Team Members despite the many headwinds.

We value Passion, Synergy, and Change. On a special night in our Retreat, we acknowledged those team members who best embodied these values. By spotlighting these outstanding contributions, we honor the individuals who go above and beyond and reinforce the values and standards of excellence that define our company.

They remind us that every effort, no matter how small it may seem, contributes significantly to our collective success and is worthy of acknowledgment.

Appreciation Count

A round of applause for the winners of the 2024 Kick-off Retreat Awards

  • The PASSION Award: Ionela-Mirela Rîciu, Clinical Sales Specialist, Endoscopy, Romania;.
  • The SYNERGY Award: Stefanos Violidis, Service Engineer, Greece;.
  • The CHANGE Award: Viktor Bérci, Clinical Sales Specialist, Robotic Surgery, Hungary.

Highest Sales Growth 2023:

  • Romania: Ionela-Mirela Rîciu, Clinical Sales Specialist, Endoscopy;
  • Greece & Cyprus: Stella Sikotakopoulou, Clinical Sales Specialist, Pulmo;
  • Hungary: Peter Torda, Clinical Sales Manager, Robotic Surgery;
  • Bulgaria: Alexandar Boyadjiev, Clinical Sales Manager, Robotic Surgery.

Best Support Team Member 2023:

  • Romania: Nicoleta Tigaeru, Tender Specialist;
  • Greece & Cyprus: Christiana Agapaki, HR Specialist;
  • Hungary: Agnes Tisza, Administrative Assistant;
  • Bulgaria: Sabrina Ivanova, Marketing and Operations Specialist.

Inspired and determined, now it is time to get to work.