The first International Forum for Endoscopic Cardiac Surgery, 14th September 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece

The first International Forum for Endoscopic Cardiac Surgery – “Inaugural Forum the Edge of Tomorrow in Cardiac Surgery” was held at the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki on 9th and 10th of September 2022. The Forum was initiated by the Endoscopic Cardiac Surgeons Club, and it aims at promoting on a global level the advantages of endoscopic cardiac surgery to patients, surgeons and professionals in the field and increasing the use of endoscopic innovative techniques for the optimal treatment of heart diseases.

Innovation and continuous learning are two of our core values; therefore, we are glad we had the opportunity to share with the Endoscopic Cardiac Community our latest technologies through a series of hands-on sessions. Technologies such as HAART Aortic Valve Repair Device, COR-KNOT & RAM Automated Suture Fastening systems were introduced and received much appreciation from the participants. We follow our mission and enhance the healthcare professionals with the most reliable and innovative technologies available.