New Robotic Surgery Program in the Country at Semmelweis University

The beautiful journey of daVinci Surgery goes on in Hungary with the implementation of the third Robotic Surgery Program in the Country at Semmelweis University in Budapest.

The first cases are already happening, allowing Hungarian patients to have access to the most innovative method of treatment. The advantage of robotic-assisted surgical systems is that the procedures can be performed more safely and precisely, and patients recover faster and spend less time in the hospital.

“While the range of motion of the human wrist is limited, the da Vinci system can move its robotic arms up to 520 degrees, allowing it to reach places and make small movements that a surgeon could perform neither with his bare hands nor with a laparoscope during an open surgery,” says Dr. Prof. Szijarto Attila, who performed the first cases in Semmelweis University.

The daVinci Robotic Surgery program which recently started at Semmelweis University is a complex one extending to education and research, and we are glad to be the enablers of real live impact initiatives.