BiopSee training organized at Brasov County Hospital in #Romania

We are delighted to see a growing interest in our #SURGICAL Care portfolio and a team of driven professionals who constantly seek improvement and development through #ContinuousEducation. The live workshop and #BiopSee training organized at Brasov County Hospital in #Romania came as an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals, and clinical specialists who advanced their knowledge of classical and fusion punctures through a comprehensive hands-on session.


The Fusion Biopsee is an innovative technology from our portfolio designed for advanced prostate screening and treatment. BiopSee fuses MP-MRI images with ultrasound images in real-time, allowing highly accurate placement of the biopsy needles in the prostate to target the tumor with exceptional precision. In contrast with other diagnosis and treatment technologies, BiopSee uses 3D ultrasound image acquisition, commanding the #PowerOfPrecision. It delivers various therapy alternatives through a unique, doctor-enabling platform.


We are excited to contribute to the continued learning path of our healthcare professionals, enabling them to provide the best care for their patients. 


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