Conference & Report launch – Healthcare as Investment | AmCham Romania

We are aware that sustainable development involves investing in everyone’s health, as it contributes to social, economic, and environmental sustainability on a bidirectional basis. In this sense, we are proud to support the event “Healthcare as Investment” organized by AmCham Romania which represents the concentrated efforts of various teams of experts from MedTech and pharma, excellently integrated into an analysis of the public and private Romanian healthcare environment, commissioned to IQVIA Romania.

The analysis provides a clear picture of the current status of our public and private healthcare systems, setting the basis of the future plan of action for increasing the performance of our strategies.
Moreover, the event aims at clearing the path to an open and practical dialogue on all identified solutions, as well as a constructive exchange between the stakeholders, both public and private which have a saying in the betterment of the healthcare system.

We strongly believe that by creating real-life synergies between public and private, MedTech and pharma, and finance and medical experts working together for the greater good of our healthcare systems, we will see the dawn of a brighter era.