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Endoscope Reprocessor – the fast and flexible reprocessing solution

Fast and simple operation for improved efficiency

  • Full cycle in less than 20 minutes with channel monitoring
  • Simple, user-friendly handling and operation
  • Insertion of endoscopes and operation information through RFID system – helps to avoid errors and saves time

Ensuring safety for operators, patients and endoscopes

  • Hands free operation and RFID – based technology for complete infection control
  • Full traceability through printed and electronic cycle documentation
  • Validated process fully compliant to the standards UNI EN ISO 15883-1/4 and UNI EN TS 15883/5 (including Austrian and German test soil)

The right formula for the best performance and result

  • Dedicated room temperature chemicals compatible with all types of flexible endoscopes
  • Improved water and chemical consumption
  • Designed specifically for use with MEDIVATORS ISA Endoscope Reprocessor


Find more about MEDIVATORS® ISA®   here


Sterile Single-use Valves

The Best Defense against infection is DEFENDO™ Sterile Single-use Valves provided by Cantel Medical. Take Infection Risk Out of the Equation:

  • Single-use design provides proven protection against HAIs
  • Eliminates tedious manual cleaning & reprocessing
  • Eliminates the need to track valves and pair them with specific scopes
  • Compatible with all leading of GI Endoscopes

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