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The Broncoflex® was designed to address the current needs and challenges facing hospitals associated with the use of flexible bronchoscopes. Bronchoscopes are now essential pieces of equipment, used by different medical specialists for a broad variety of clinical indications.

Unique by Nature,
Different by Design


The Broncoflex® addresses technical and clinical challenges thanks to a significant innovation: it incorporates a 2.8 mm working channel within an endoscope with a small external diameter of 5.6 mm. This innovation offers users a wide working channel, reducing constraints in terms of compatibility with endotracheal tubes, while facilitating navigation in the distal bronchi.

Two Sizes, Two Options, Less Expense


The successful miniaturization of the systems offers just two endoscope references, where three are usually required with standard single-use flexible bronchoscopes. These two references are sufficient to cover all flexible bronchoscopy therapeutic indications.

Broncoflex® Agile


Guiding and Inspection

Used in combination with endotracheal tubes, Broncoflex® Agile makes it easier to guide tubes through the anatomical structures and insert them thanks to the rigidity of its braided Pebax® insertion tube. The correct positioning of double-lumen endotracheal tubes can be verified for sizes of 35 Fr or more.

Ergonomics Maneuverability

The precise, flexible deflection mechanism offers up and down distal angulation of 220°, facilitating bronchial exploration, particularly of the right upper lobe of the lung.

High-Definition System

The whole system, from the camera to the visualization platform, contributes to the display of a high-definition image with, in particular, an algorithm especially developed for detailed contours. Brightness management enables good near and distal vision.

Secretion Management

The unique profile of the distal tip, with its wide opening, helps facilitate the suction of secretions and fluids.

Broncoflex® Vortex


Distal Navigation
Its shaped distal tip is narrower than other single-use bronchoscopes with a 2.8 mm working channel. This miniaturization aids exploration of the distal bronchi, benefiting from the smaller outer diameter of the scope with a wider working channel. The Broncoflex® Vortex can be inserted into endotracheal tubes of 6 mm or more.

Ergonomics & Maneuverability
Easy-grip handle, very similar to using a reusable endoscope, with identical working channel access and a leak-tight biopsy valve.

High-Definition System
The whole system, from the camera to the visualization platform, contributes to the display of a high-definition image with, in particular, an algorithm especially developed
for detailed contours. Brightness management enables good near and distal vision.

Secretion Management
The wide distal opening forms a suction cone that helps facilitate the suction of secretions and fluids in distal proximity to the endoscope.

High-definition display system


Mobile, Innovative Platform
Much more than a simple touch screen, the viewing system incorporates an algorithm that ensures the display of a high-definition image, even for a single-use device. The Screeni® offers a coherent system: it has been conceived and designed to simplify its use, with unparalleled ease of management and implementation. The system is mobile  and lightweight so that it can be easily used in often small spaces.

Large HD Screen

User-friendliness and image clarity ensured by the 10.1’’ touch screen. Attached to an IV pole, it can be easily tilted using the ergonomic handles located on each side.

Quick Connection
The Screeni® is equipped with a quick-connect bracket enabling the system to be attached to an IV pole. The monitor can be detached from its mounting bracket in just a few seconds to be placed on a trolley if necessary.

Transportable System

Agile and Vortex endoscopes can be suspended on the Screeni® support feet. They are easy to identify thanks to their colored ring and can be used at any time.

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