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Angiodroid® The CO2 Injector

Automated Carbon Dioxide Injection System for Diagnostic and Interventional Peripheral Angiography


The Angiodroid® Injection System is the unique fully automatic injector dedicate to the CO2 angiography.

Angiodroid The CO2 Injector includes many unique features, such as:

  • Touch screen display to set the injection parameters
  • Automatic set up of the injection in few seconds
  • Complete management of the gas
  • Dose and Injection Pressure precise set up
  • Injection Remote Controller

Thanks to the Automated Carbond Dioxide Angiography (ACDA) is now possible to safely conduct a proceure with no Contrast Induced Nephropathy risk.



ANGIODROID THE CO2 INJECTOR is the Innovative and Exclusive Carbon Dioxide Injector for Peripheral Interventional Angiography below the Diaphragm. The Technology has been developed into our Laboratories during the last 5 years in cooperation with well-known Private and Public Hospitals as well as Italian University. The practise of the CO2 provides significant benefits and a very low rate of complications compared with iodinated contrast.

ANGIODROID THE CO2 INJECTOR manages CO2 dose and injection pressure to guarantee safety, efficacy and repeatibility during procedures. The patented technology of ANGIODROID allows to inject CO2 with a constant pressure, reducing to zero the contamination risk during the gas management.


Carbon Dioxide is a totally harmless gas for the body: we manage CO2 in every moment of our life.
Compared with iodinated contrast media, CO2 has no nephrotoxicity, no allergic reactions, and does not give hepatotoxicity. It is a completely safety gas for the body, and can become a valid substitute for the normal iodinated contrast medium.

CO2 is odorless, colorless and invisible. For these reasons, one of the major risks in its use is the contamination with ambient air, which can cause embolism.
In the past, manual kit could not guarantee the injection of CO2 gas only, while today, with Angiodroid injector, the risk of air contamination is cleared.

Thanks to a sophisticated patented technology, Angiodroid is able to control the use of CO2 and ensure that the only gas used during angiographic examination is actually medical CO2.


ANGIODROID THE CO2 INJECTOR has some uniqueness that makes the Automated Carbon Dioxide Angiography more efficient than ever, including:

  • Built-in pressure sensor: with high-level of accuracy, the system costantly monitor the injector, ensuring best performance.
  • Touch Screen Monitor: real-time monitoring of injection parameter. It is even possible to change dosage when the injector has properly load the gas.
  • Remote Controller: wireless control of the purge process and of the injection. This drastically reduce the X-Ray dose for the Staff.
  • Ergonomic design: the smart design of the system let the operator move and setup the system easily.

With Automated Carbon Dioxide Angiography is possible to significantly reduce the Contrast Induce Nephropathy (CIN) risk, saving the use of traditional iodinated contrast medium.

Furthermore, the use of the ANGIODROID Remote Controller let the operator stay away from the X-Ray system during the Angiography, minimizing the radiation exposure for the clinical staff.

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