AnchorPort® is the world’s only self-adjusting, self-anchoring 5mm trocar.

Available in lengths of 75mm, 100mm, and 135mm, the AnchorPort® Trocar features a bladeless, optical tip for direct, visualized entry and a very small cannula housing that results in a remarkably small “footprint” on the abdomen and allows for a wide range of instrument movement and manipulation in laparoscopic surgery.

In addition, the AnchorPort® trocar’s elastomeric cannula automatically adjusts to the thickness of the patient’s abdominal wall, leaving very little of the cannula tip inside the abdominal cavity, extending the internal angles of access and the effective range of laparoscopic devices including laparoscopes, hand instruments, and both mechanical and thermal ligation instruments.

AnchorPort® trocars are packaged as both individual units and in convenient kits which enable the use of 3 laparoscopic cannulae with a single bladeless, optical tip for visualized entry. Additional cannulae are also available as individually packaged units, both with and without integrated insufflation ports.

Why Use AnchorPort®

AnchorPort® enables you to operate without the fear of trocar dislodgement which can result in the loss of pneumoperitoneum and, as a result, laparoscopic access. The combination of the AnchorPort® trocar’s low fiction seal and elastomeric, self-anchoring cannula minimizes the potential for inadvertent trocar movement and withdrawal.

AnchorPort® also allows you to place multiple ports without having to pay for a complete trocar each time. Using an individually packaged cannula for second port placement or a convenient 3-pack (also called a Single Incision Laparoscopy Kit) provides substantial cost savings compared to the conventional practice of opening a complete trocar for every port site.

How It Works

Inserting and locking the bladeless, optical tip obturator into the AnchorPort® cannula stretches the elastomeric cannula for the purpose of laparoscopic entry.
Once the AnchorPort® trocar is placed in the desired position, the obturator is unlocked, releasing the elastomeric cannula and allowing it to retract to its resting position, thus minimizing its laparoscopic “footprint” both inside and outside the cavity and allowing for a remarkably wide range of instrument movement and manipulation.

AnchorPort® in SIL Surgery

Because of its size, the AnchorPort® trocar is an ideal port for single incision laparoscopy. The cannula’s small housing and elastomeric self-anchoring mechanism take up very little space both outside and inside the abdominal cavity, allowing multiple AnchorPort® trocars to be placed in close proximity with minimal instrument and cannula interference.

The convenient Single Incision Laparoscopy (SIL) Kit, which contains the products required for the placement of 3 separate trocars, provides a cost-effective solution as well and received FDA Clearance specifically for Single Incision laparoscopy.

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