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Bussines Review Interview with SofMedica Group’s CEO & Co-Founder, Georgios Sofianos

Business Review continues the #25×25 Interview Series with another episode featuring a company that has been for 25 years on the Romanian market: SofMedica Group. For this occasion, we sat down with none other than the Group’s CEO & Co-Founder, Georgios Sofianos.

Starting with a bit of historical background, what can you tell us about your company’s entry into Romania back in 1996 and about your industry as a whole back then?

Healthcare as we know it today was a completely different industry back in the mid 90’s. And by different, I mean that basic needs remained unmet after a decade of Romania’s isolation and ban on imports including those of vital medical devices and implants such as artificial kidney machines or mechanical heart valves. As most of us probably remember, the healthcare sector was practically exclusively public, with just very few private outpatient clinics trying to make a break in the paradigm, with baby steps at first. Needless to say that they were only addressing a very small part of the population and for very specific and non-critical needs.

This is why the founders of SofMedica focused on the needs of the system and its patients, and on the opportunity, rather than on the countless bureaucratic hurdles of that period. And their inspiration came from a handful of key medical personalities of that time such as Prof. Alexandru Oproiu, with an impressive track record in fighting cancer, Dr. Dimitrie Capsa, who dedicated his entire career to fighting renal disease and helping patients with the most innovative treatments in the field at those times, or Prof. Ioan Pop de Popa and Prof. George Georgescu who revolutionized the field of treating heart disease in the country.

We decided thus to start investing in the medical infrastructure of the public sector based on a long-term amortization plan and having as warranty only the trust in the system plus the word of some select physicians and managers.

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