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Compliance Day @ SofMedica Group

On December 9 the United Nations celebrates the international anti-corruption day.

The response to the virus is creating new opportunities to exploit weak oversight and inadequate transparency, diverting funds away from people in their hour of greatest need.  Unscrupulous merchants peddle faulty products such as — defective ventilators, poorly manufactured tests or counterfeit medicines. And collusion among those who control supply chains has led to outrageous costs of much-needed goods, skewing the market and denying many people life-saving treatment. We must work together to stop such thievery and exploitation by clamping down on illicit financial flows and tax havens; Business people must act responsibly. A vibrant civic space and open access to information are essential. Technological advances can help increase transparency and better monitor procurement of medical supplies. Anti-corruption bodies need greater support and empowerment, said UN Secretary-General, António Guterres in his statement on corruption.

We at SofMedica Group resonate with the UN statement on corruption which we have translated into a comic series having as main character Captain Compliance whose most recent adventures are depicted in the link below: