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“…SofMedica is an employer that places great value on the development of its people…”

Today, we talk with Oana Scarlat, Marketing & Sales Director, EXEC-EDU

Hello Oana! In the world of training dedicated to adults, especially in the field of business and management, Exec-Edu is becoming a well-known and increasingly respected name. Why did you choose to focus on this area?

Hello! Indeed, EXEC-EDU is a well-known name in the business community and we address ourselves especially to managers and specialists with potential in companies, our vision being to support the performance and well-being of leaders, through a very diverse range of development, mentoring, coaching and consulting programs. We address, indeed, especially the field of management, due to the need of client companies to develop these skills, which in universities are rather approached at a theoretical level, at an age when students do not work as managers, so it is more difficult to apply the concepts in practice. Therefore, we approach topics such as management, marketing, project management or finance, but all from a pragmatic perspective, very applicable in everyday life. We do this with the help of a team of experts who are practitioners; they are, in turn, managers, entrepreneurs or consultants who “live” what they teach, come up with concrete examples, with real case studies. On the other hand, we also address the soft-skills areas, such as leadership, emotional intelligence, or well-being.


Is there a specific profile of the Exec-Edu student?

I would definitely say yes. Our students are leaders who want to be better at what they do, are passionate about learning, eager to share their experience with others, to connect with other people, from other industries. Last but not least, there are people with a high degree of self-motivation, eager to spend many hours in the classroom (now virtual) or individual or team projects. The EXEC-EDU student does not complain, but looks for solutions, exchanging ideas with colleagues, being curious and agile.


As a trainer and coach, but also as a marketing and sales manager, you interacted with several SofMedica Group employees. How would you describe them, given the profile you mentioned?

Indeed, I interacted directly with several managers in the SofMedica Group and they fit exactly the profile described above. Active, positive, eager to grow. In addition, what surprised me a lot was the involvement of them, despite the very busy schedule. Because the success of a course also comes from the involvement of the participants, this is what makes the difference, beyond the experience of the trainers.


If a student looking for a job asked you about SofMedica, as a potential employer, what would you answer?

Referring to my experience, I would say that SofMedica is an employer that places great value on the development of its people, who invests in them and is concerned with growing their talents.

And finally, what recommendation do you have for SofMedica?

I would recommend, finally, that SofMedica remain equally concerned with development and maintain and motivate its valuable employees, at a time when organizational culture is increasingly important and people are the most important resource.