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“…The Group’s culture of learning is the safest way to navigate through changes…”

Today, we talk to Konstantinos Zafeiropoulos, Clinical Sales Specialist Robotic Surgery & Surgical Care, SofMedica Cyprus

Konstantinos, with your experience in health industry, and your expertise in the field of Robotic Surgery, would you say there are still things you have to learn to perform in your job? 

We live and work in a constantly evolving tech environment and, in my 15 years of being in the medical sales and clinical support field and the last 6 years in DV robotics, I have realized that the best way to adapt is by learning as much as we can. For this reason, I have added learning on my everyday routine. It can be introduced as short, fast online courses that teach us tips and tricks about our work or a demanding, three weeks long DCAST Intuitive training that ultimately gives you the CSR certification!


And what is the inspiration and reward for your everyday learning routine? 

Every course, every little bit I have ever learned has contributed to my knowledge, experience and of course helped me immensely in my work. It is not only about the typical courses that I was required to complete; improving oneself in our work simply means that a partner will be happier by our response, a doctor might be better equipped by the information we provide and, in the long run, a patient might have a slightly better outcome due to our better knowledge of our subject.


You have been recently awarded the Best Sofmedica Learner of the pandemic in Cyprus. What does it mean and why did you receive this title?

The pandemic and the lockdown that eventually followed were, at the very least, very strange, unprecedented events for everyone. As a constantly positive person I had to find ways to make the best of it and family – wise  that was relatively easy. Personally and professionally however, what really helped was SFM’s encouragement to utilize the time we were given and take up as many courses as I thought were interesting. So since I had the opportunity and the time, I followed their advice. Refreshing past knowledge, gaining new and improving my sales or any other skills through the portfolio of SFM technologies was enough to get me through the lockdown, open up my mind and eventually, receive the above mentioned title!


Would you say then that our Company sets an example when it comes to its education-driven orientation?

Being a member of the most reliable Ecosystem of Innovation and Learning is something that I really enjoy and feel proud of! The Group’s culture of learning, growing and adapting through learning, as well as expanding your mind and knowledge , is, in my opinion, the safest way to navigate through the vast and extreme changes that seem to be happening in our times.


What is your expert advice for the young and new team members when it comes about Learning?

More as an instruction on everyday life, rather than an expert’s advice when it comes to learning, I would like to offer a quote by Henry Ford “Anyone who stops learning is old whether at twenty or eighty, anyone who keeps learning stays young . The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young !”