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“…the more time you spend studying, learning new things or developing existing skills helps your mind to open…”

Today, we talk to Panagiotis Fountas, Clinical Sales Specialist Robotic Surgery, SofMedica Greece

Panagiotis, you are a specialist/expert in the robotic field for many years. What is your secret? 

No big secret really, being lucky enough to be part of the SofMedica Ecosystem has given me the opportunity to take part in dozens of clinical and technical education programs as well as a 3 week “military-wise” Clinical & Sales training focusing in many different  areas to receive official accreditation by Intuitive as a clinical sales specialist in the field of Robotic Surgery . At the same time this cutting-edge technology keeps reminding me that staying at the top is more difficult than reaching the top itself, so you have to be willing and able to change and adapt in order to overcome.


Do you believe that the courses you have attended help you in your work? 

It is only obvious that the more time you spend either studying, learning new things or even further developing existing skills helps your mind to open, in order to approach  the needs of your partners, or at least find common ground and the best possible solution to problems that inevitably come up in our daily routines.


You have been recently awarded the best SofMedica learner of the pandemic in Greece. What does it mean and why did you receive this title?

The pandemic really was a very challenging period for all. I gave my best to see the glass half full, and as an opportunity to acquire new sets of skills, spent more quality time with the family, and trust me, negotiating with  toddlers still keeps me alert for future arguments with my surgeons!

Furthermore, I had the extra time to watch quite a few online webinars focusing in emotional intelligence, integrity selling as well as product/clinical training. We had all the support from the management of SofMedica during this period, as they strongly adviced us to take advantage of this opportunity by attending as many learning courses as we could.


What is your expert advice for the young and new team members when it comes about learning?

I am always eager to learn from younger generations or new TMs so I urge them to speak up and be genuine but at the same time always remember that we have 1 mouth but 2 ears. It is something I live by  in my personal and professional life. Active Listening helps you learn a lot about the one in front of you, only then you are able to reach win-win situations.


A few words about our Group’s Learning Culture?

Learning has truly been a real earning experience for me, thanks to our Group’s philosophy and culture.

I believe we are walking in a decade where exponential growth of Technology (including Med-Tech) and Terabytes of information being transmitted every day is already shaping our future lives towards unknown paths,  so I consider myself fortunate for being able to participate in courses and seminars that proactively help boost my knowledge and my confidence in  understanding where things are going in this new normal, and how to prepare to change.