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“…I noticed at SofMedica the dedication to excellence, attention to detail and focus on performance…”

Today, we talk to Miruna Lovinescu, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Consultant at MILO Consulting, Learning Partner of SofMedica.

Miruna, although you are a doctor by profession, your experience extends far beyond the medical field: sales, management, consulting, training, and personal development. How did you manage to work in such varied fields, and how did your medical training help you?

It was medicine that opened my “appetite” for exploring and understanding human nature, beyond symptoms, devices and organs. This understanding of people has led me to the other areas in which I work, which all have the human being in the center of attention, with their behaviors and emotions. I have always considered that sales should focus on people, both on those who sell and on those who are customers. Doing management means effectively motivating people, which is what personal development and consulting do.


We organized together several coaching and training programs for SofMedica employees. How was the meeting with SofMedica? What about the team?

The meeting with SofMedica was a challenging one from the beginning, in which maintaining a sustained rhythm was a constant. SofMedica is an organization focused on development and efficiency, and the meeting with the people from SofMedica followed these directions. It was a high-performance experience.


As an experienced trainer, what comments do you have about the company’s and employees’ commitment to learning?

As a trainer, I came into contact with many organizations, and what I noticed at SofMedica is the dedication to excellence, attention to detail and focus on performance. These can be accomplished through learning, because we all learn throughout all our lives. Together with SofMedica employees, we have built behaviors and skills that can be useful in professional life, but also in personal life.


If you received a request, how would you recommend SofMedica?

As a serious organization, dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement, with attention to the quality of processes.


And finally, what recommendation do you have for SofMedica?

To continue the development of employees, as well as their motivation, through training at group and individual level, for understanding the constantly changing environment and the way people understand and accept this change.


Thank you Miruna for advice and appreciation and continued success!