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“…we consider that investing in learning is the only way to grow sustainably…”

Today, we talk to Mihai Barbuta, Cash Flow Manager SofMedica Group.

Mihai, you are among the oldest employees from SofMedica. How long have you been working here?

 I’m proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my extraordinary journey within SofMedica Ecosystem.


This is impressive and also not so usual, considering that you are so young. Would you share with us what made this journey so extraordinary?

When I joined SofMedica Group, there was a significantly different environment here. We had one activity, presence in one country and a young and ambitious Team of around 20 colleagues. Over the past 20 years we reached to a level with 5 different activities, presence in 6 countries, a Team of over 150 ambitious (and still young) colleagues.

Nowadays SofMedica is the preferred exclusive partner for several Leading Med Tech Innovators and we cover a region of over 50 million population. Over the past 25 years we estimate that more than 1 million patients were treated through one of the therapies in our portfolio.

Then we established the Medical Mall concept under the brand of MedCity. The first of it’s kind in our region. We are completing our Ecosystem with state-of-the-art medical spaces tailor made for medical services.

We have also recently developed together with a Team of young & dynamic medical professionals Emerald – a premium medical center focused in the multidisciplinary approach of cardiovascular & neurological diseases. Moreover, we are proud to have with us at Emerald the Leading specialists in medical imaging, completing the medical services we are offering.

I have to mention also the IHS phenomenon: a beautiful 10 years success story of 100% dedication in doing the right thing for the Romanian CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patients.

The “youngest” activity in our Group is the operational leasing for the medical equipment in SofMedica’ s portfolio. We selectively offer this additional service to our high potential clients through our specialized company MediLeasing.

 Last, but not the least, we consider that investing in learning is the only way to grow sustainably. Whether we talk at individual, professional or society level. We, at SofMedica Group, are investing a big part of our energy in continuous education. ISLE Academy was funded in 2008 developing training programs for medical professionals, not only in technical skills – such as operating specific medical technologies – but in soft skills as well.

Currently we have two unique training centers in Bucharest and Athens and plan for more. Our entire Team participates also in various learning programs; we believe that learning new skills makes us better individuals which form stronger Teams and serve better our customers.

 Having said that, it’s obvious why many of our Team Members are celebrating 10-15-20 years in SofMedica Group. My privilege is that over the last 20 years I had several exciting different jobs yet in the same Team and under the same roof. And most important, under the same strong and healthy Culture of doing the right thing.


If learning is such an important value in SofMedica, tell us about the most important courses you have attended, and what did you learn?

I will mention some of the most interesting learning sessions I have attended in the last year. First we had the honor of attending a tailor made Future Readiness Program held by T-Labs – a Silicon Valley MedTech innovation incubator. Another exciting experience was being present to the Singularity University Greece Summit – a two days intense program with world leading speakers in several innovative areas.

Growing and Transforming Your Business is another example of business training organized by YPO Romania.

One of the training programs I finished this summer was really eloquent for my personal development as an individual. I’ve learned and understood things about team behaviors (and mine as well) thus exchanging ideas with a great group of colleagues coming from different areas of expertise. This was the Leadership 360 Training Program.

 The latest course I graduated this July was a more technical one: Commercial Real Estate organized by Cornell University. A super intense course over 3 months on developing, financing and strategic decisions on commercial real estate. This is of course linked to our specialized real estate arm – MedCity.


You have a position at the level of SofMedica Group; that means you are involved in more companies and countries; still you find time for learning. How do you manage?

Being involved in all the group’s activities is an excellent continuous learning journey itself. Thus everyday I’m learning new things in my daily activities.

During the first part of this Covid challenged year one of the fast measures we took was to intensify the learning activities for our Team. Consequently, a positive side of this period was that we had more time for our education.


Do you have an advice for your younger colleagues?

To be involved 100% in what they do. To do things the right way and invest part of their soul as if they would own the business. And to care about their Team Mates. Those are few simple things that will help them grow sustainably and obtain both professional and personal satisfaction.

Nevertheless, the learning focused environment in SofMedica Group is a benefit to be highly valued by all Team Members and future colleagues.

The knowledge gathered by anyone during the strong learning programs or even in the day-to-day activities is the true personal wealth. And this is providing a limitless potential.