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CAD EYE – AI based Technology

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH will launched a new function known as “CAD EYE,” which was developed by FUJIFILM Corporation to support real time detection of colonic polyps during colonoscopy utilizing AI technology. CAD EYE’s functionality will be available with software EW10-EC01 and the compatible expansion unit EX-1 in combination with the Fujifilm ELUXEO 7000 system/Eluxeo LITE 6000.

Improving the detection rate of difficult to discover lesions has been one of the major challenges within the field of endoscopy in recent years. Fujifilm has continuously worked on the development of image processing technologies such as Linked Color Imaging (LCI) and   Blue Light Imaging (BLI) utilizing specific wavelengths of light to support early cancer detection and characterization.

CAD EYE was trained with an immense amount of Fujifilm-specific clinical images (White Light & Linked Color Imaging (LCI) with a powerful super computer, located in Fujifilm‘s AI technology center in Tokyo. This ensures CAD EYE to be a customised detection support tool specifically designed for the ELUXEO system.

Since its launch, SofMedica is the only distributor of the CAD EYE module, together with the EW10-EC01 software in Romania. For more technical information, you can access the system brochure here.